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97-01 Gerald E. Auten, Charles T. Clotfelter, Richard L. Schmalbeck, "Taxes and Philanthropy Among the Wealthy, " December 1997, (published in Joel Slemrod, ed., Does Atlas Shrug?  The Economic Consequences of Taxing the Rich, Cambridge University Press, 1999).

96-01 Charles T. Clotfelter and Richard L. Schmalbeck, "The Impact of Fundamental Tax Reform on Nonprofit Organizations," August 1996.

96-02 Charles. T. Clotfelter, "Cost Escalation in Elite Higher Education:  Lessons from Four Institutions," February 1996. (Paper based on Buying the Best: Cost Escalation in Elite Higher Education, Princeton University Press, 1996).

93-01 Matthew O'Meagher, "'Thank God for the New Type of Gringo':  North American Catholic Volunteers in Latin America in the Early 1960s," July 1993.

93-02 Charles T. Clotfelter, "Liberal Education: Luxury Education?" February 1993, (published in David H. Finifter and Arthur M. Hauptman (eds.), America’s Investment in Liberal Education. ( San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers), 1994).

92-01 Natalie J. Webb, "Tax and Government Policy Implications for Corporate Foundation Giving," November 1992.

92-02 Charles T. Clotfelter, "The Private Life of Public Economics," November 1992, (published in the Southern Economic Journal, April 1993).

92-03 Alison P. Hagy, "The Market for Child Care: Quality, Public Policy, and the Role of the Nonprofit Sector," October 1992.

92-04 Charles T. Clotfelter, "Income Differences, Desegregation, and the Demand for Private Schooling," September 1992.

91-01 Kevin Kresse, "Politics, Grievances, and Movement Entrepreneurs Revisited: Transnational Religious Mobilization, Professional Class Voluntarism, and the Formation of 'Witness For Peace'," April 1991.

91-02 Charles Clotfelter, "Who Benefits?  The Distributional Consequences of the Nonprofit Sector: Introduction," March 1991, (published in Charles Clotfelter and Michael Rothschild (eds.) Studies of Supply and Demand in Higher Education. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993).

90-01 Charles Clotfelter, "Notes on Research Questions Related to the Use of Nonprofit Institutions," September 1990.

90-02 Charles Clotfelter, "Undergraduate Enrollment in the 1980s," September 1990.

89-01 Steven Rathgeb Smith, "Managing the Community: Privatization, Government and the Nonprofit Sector," December 1989.

89-02 Charles Clotfelter, "Government Policy Toward Art Museums in the U.S.," December 1989, (published in Martin Feldstein (ed.), The Economics of Art Museums. ( Chicago: University of Chicago Press), 1991.)

89-03 Charles Clotfelter, "The Impact of Tax Reform on Charitable Giving: A 1989 Perspective," December 1989, (published in Joel Slemrod (ed.), Do Taxes Matter? The Impact of the Tax Reform Act of 1986. ( Cambridge, MA: MIT Press), 1990.)

89-04 Catherine Kleiner, "Chautauqua and Women: Ladies, Learners and Leaders, 1874-1920," September 1989.

89-05 Robert Leonard, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Economics, "To Advance Human Welfare! Economics and the Ford Foundation, 1950-1968," 1989.

89-06 Burton Weisbrod, Nancy Wolff, and Edward J. Bird, "The Market for Volunteer Labor," 1989. 

89-08 J. Mark Davidson Schuster, "Government Leverage of Private Support: Matching Grants and the Problem with 'New Money'," 1989.

89-09 Mark Wilson, "The Place of Nonprofit Organization: A Spatial Perspective," 1989.

88-01 Milton DeKalb Terrell, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Economics, "Unfair Competition by Nonprofit Organizations: A Survey of the Issues," 1988.

88-02 Patricia Farnan, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Political Science, "Voluntary Societies and Working Mothers: A Comparative Analysis of the Response of Voluntarism to the Growing Needs of Mothers in the Workplace," 1988.

88-04 Michael Meurer, "Charitable Contributions in a Finitely Repeated Game," February 1988.

88-05 Lawrence Lindsey and Richard Steinberg, "Joint Crowdout: An Empirical Study of Federal Grants on State Government Expenditures and Charitable Donations," February 1988.

88-06 Henry Hansmann, "Why Do Universities Have Endowments?" February 1988, (published in The Journal of Legal Studies 19:3-42, 1990).

88-07 Gerald Auten and Gabriel Rudney, "The Variability of Charitable Giving," February 1988, (published as "The Variability of Individual Charitable Giving in the U.S.," Voluntas 1(2):80-97, 1990).

88-08 James Andreoni, "Private Charity, Public Goods and the Crowding Out Hypothesis," February 1988.

88-11 Charles Clotfelter and Dan Feenberg, "Is There a Regional Bias in Federal Tax Subsidy Rates for Giving?" February 1988.

88-12 Anne Firor Scott, "`To Cast Our Mite on the Altar of Benevolence...' Women Begin to Organize," January 1988.

87-01 Charles Clotfelter, "Life After Tax Reform for Higher Education," March 1987, (published in Change, July/August 1987).

87-02 Setting the Research Agenda in Philanthropy and Voluntarism: Eight Discussion Papers, Julian Wolpert, Barry Karl, Kathleen McCarthy, Russell Roberts, Jerald Schiff, Howard Margolis, Robert Payton, and John O'Connor, April 1987.

86-01 Jinbang Kim, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Economics, "Economic Approaches to Altruism: A Review," 1986.

86-02 Nigel Boyle, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Political Science, "Voluntary Organizations and Public Policy: The Case of Active Employment Policy in Britain 1979-88," 1986.

86-03 Craufurd D. Goodwin, "Doing Good and Spreading the Gospel (Economic)," October 1986.

86-04 Burton A. Weisbrod, "The Nonprofit Economy," August 1986.

86-05 Setting the Research Agenda in Philanthropy and Voluntarism: A Discussion, transcript of a Conference held November 20-21, 1986.


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