Previous Conferences Sponsored by the Center

"Amateurs in Public Service: Volunteering, Service-Learning, and Community Service Programs,"
November 12, 1999

A Conference sponsored by the Center for the Study of Philanthropy and Voluntarism & Duke Law School , Duke University.

Presentations:  Helmut Anheier ( London School of Economics), Eleanor Brown ( Pomona College ) , Jeffrey L.  Brudney (University of Georgia), Charles T. Clotfelter (Duke University), Kathryn Furano and Jean Baldwin Grossman (Public/Private Ventures), Robert R. Korstad (Duke University), James L. Leloudis (University of North Carolina), Marc Musick (University of Texas), Lester Salamon (Johns Hopkins), Rodney J. Smolla (University of Richmond), Richard A. Sundeen and Sally A. Raskoff (University of Southern California), John Wilson (Duke University).

Discussants: Emmett D. Carson (The Minneapolis Foundation), James Clotfelter ( University of North Carolina at Greensboro ), and Steven R. Smith ( University of Washington ).

Papers from the conference were published in a special issue of Law and Contemporary Problems, Spring 2000.

"Who Benefits? The Distributional Consequences of the Nonprofit Sector"
November 29-30, 1990

Presentations: Sandra Baum (Skidmore College), Jeff Biddle (Michigan State University), Charles Clotfelter (Duke University), Richard Frank (Johns Hopkins University), Robert Margo (Vanderbilt University), Richard Netzer (New York University), Lester Salamon (Johns Hopkins University), David Salkever (Johns Hopkins University), Saul Schwartz (Tufts University).

Discussants: Estelle James (SUNY at Stony Brook), Frank Levy (University of Maryland), Henry Aaron (Brookings Institution).

Second Conference on Economics
February 9-10, 1989

Presentations: Avner Ben-Ner (University of Minnesota), Charles Clotfelter (Duke University), Joel Fleishman (Duke University), Craufurd Goodwin (Duke University), Bruce Kingma (Texas A & M), Richard Schmalbeck (Duke University), J. Mark Davidson Schuster (M.I.T.), C. Eugene Steuerle (U.S. Treasury), Burton Weisbrod (University of Wisconsin), Mark Wilson (Michigan State).

Discussants: Anne Preston (SUNY at Stony Brook), Jerald Schiff (Tulane University), Richard Steinberg (Virginia Polytechnic Institute); Helen Ladd, Michael Meurer (Duke University).

First Conference on Economics
February 4-5, 1988

Presentations: James Andreoni (University of Wisconsin), Gerald Auten (U.S.Treasury), Charles Clotfelter (Duke University), Dan Feenberg (National Bureau of Economic Research), Henry Hansmann (Yale University), Lawrence Lindsey (Harvard University), Michael Meurer (Duke University), Jerald Schiff (U.S. Treasury), Richard Steinberg (Virginia Polytechnic Institute), C. Eugene Steuerle (U.S. Treasury), Burton Weisbrod (University of Wisconsin).

Discussants: Estelle James (Brookings Institution), Russell Roberts (UCLA), Susan Rose-Ackerman (Yale University), Julian Wolpert (Princeton University); Craufurd Goodwin, Helen Ladd, Peter Lange (Duke University).

"Setting the Research Agenda in Philanthropy and Voluntarism"
November 20-21, 1986

Presentations: Elizabeth Boris (Council on Foundations), Dennis Campbell (Duke University), Barry Gaberman (The Ford Foundation), Virginia Hodgkinson (Independent Sector), Barry Karl (University of Chicago), Howard Margolis (University of Chicago), Kathleen McCarthy (City University of New York), John O'Connor (National Humanities Center), Bruce Payne (Duke University), Russell Roberts (University of Rochester and the Hoover Institution), Jerald Schiff (Tulane University), Christopher Schroeder (Duke University), Arthur Singer (The Sloan Foundation), Russy Sumariwalla (The United Way), Burton Weisbrod (University of Wisconsin), Julian Wolpert (Princeton University).

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