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  1. Charles Clotfelter, "Tax-Induced Distortions in the Voluntary Sector," Case Western Law Review 39 (No. 3, 1988-89), 663-694. (Available through Lexis/Nexis click 'Legal' under search).

  2. Charles Clotfelter (with Daniel Feenberg), "Is There a Regional Bias in Federal Tax Subsidy Rates for Giving?" Public Finance 45 (No. 2, 1990), 228-240.

  3. Charles Clotfelter, "The Economics of Giving," in John W. Barry & V. Manno (eds), Giving Better, Giving Smarter (Washington, D.C.: National Commission on Philanthropy and Civic Renewal, 1997).

  4. Charles Clotfelter, "Who Are the Alumni Donors? Giving by Two Generations of Alumni from Selective Colleges," Nonprofit Management and Leadership 12 (No. 2, 2001), 119-138.

  5. Charles Clotfelter and Jacob Vigdor, "Retaking the SAT": Journal of Human Resources 38 (No. 1, 2003).

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