Teaching is one of the central functions of a university, and so it is for the Center.  Because the Center is located in an academic unit that offers courses to both undergraduate and graduate students, it has been natural to extend Duke's teaching into areas touching philanthropy and voluntarism.  None of the courses sponsored by the Center is designed to be narrowly professional, nor do they constitute a separate degree program for work in the nonprofit sector, although a number of Duke's public policy masters students have gone to work for nonprofit organizations following their study at Duke.  Rather, the courses in philanthropy and voluntarism are conceived of as augmenting Duke's current degree programs -- liberal arts courses for undergraduates and applied courses for graduate students.

The following courses have been offered under the Center's auspices in recent years:

  “Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Not-For-Profit Management,” a combined graduate and upper level undergraduate seminar taught by Joel Fleishman, Professor of Law and Public Policy Studies.

“Tax Exempt Organizations and Public Policy,” a graduate seminar offered jointly in the law school and public policy school by Charles Clotfelter, Professor of Public Policy Studies, Economics and Law, and Richard Schmalbeck, Professor of Law.

“The Nonprofit Sector,” a combined graduate and undergraduate seminar taught by Charles Clotfelter, Professor of Public Policy Studies, Economics and Law.

Outlines of these and other courses are available from the Center.


The Center also provides support for Master’s students who take internships with nonprofit organizations or international non-governmental organizations. Among the organizations where supported students have worked in recent years are:


  • The Stockholm Convention on the Persistence of Organic Pollutants, Geneva, Switzerland
  • International AIDS Society, Geneva, Switzerland
  • The Carolina Youth Development Center, Chapel Hill NC
  • The Centre City Development Corporation, San Diego CA


  • The United Nations’ Global Climate Change Initiative, Geneva, Switzerland
  • The World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland
  • The International Labor Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
  • The Nature Conservancy, Arlington VA
  • The Center for Voting and Democracy, Washington DC


  • The United Nations’ AIDS Conference, Geneva, Switzerland
  • The National Democratic Institute, Belgrade
  • The National Audubon Society, Washington DC
  • The Shopfront Youth Legal Centre, Sydney, Australia
  • The Denver Justice and Peace Commission, Denver CO


  • The Carter Center, Atlanta, GA
  • The North Carolina Fair Housing Center, Durham NC
  • The Latino Credit Union, Durham NC
  • Connecticut Civil Liberties Union, Hartford, CT


  • Save the Children, Tblisi , Georgia

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